5 Myths About Interracial Dating


Though we’ve come a long way in terms of tolerance and diversity, at least according to law and basic respect, we do still have a long way to go in terms of fostering an encouraging environment for interracial couples. Many attitudes and viewpoints are still very offensive and they are more mainstream than you might think.

We hear of stereotypes all the time, and not just from older family members. We see them on television, in the movies, on websites and all over the media. It helps to break down some of these myths that are unfairly spread and explain why they’re inaccurate. Maybe this will help people to come around and fully embrace black and white romances without hesitation.

1. It’s usually NOT a cry for attention.

A lot of young people today are accused of dating interracially just for attention, just for the scandal or just to make a statement to society. While anything is possible, it’s about time we give our young ones a little more credit. Just because they can date someone outside their race doesn’t mean that’s the only motivation they have. Usually it’s just because they happen to like someone of a different race. They are free to explore their sexuality but not obligated.

2. It’s still noticeable.

While it’s true that it’s safe to date black and white partners now and segregation is a thing of the past, people still do stare and still may make offensive remarks, usually without even thinking about it. So yes, it is a better environment now, but the idea of “you won’t have any problem, any awkwardness, any confrontation” is not quite true. You do sometimes have to prepare yourself to deal with the reactions of other people.

3. If you like the race, you can’t possibly be racist.

It’s actually quite shocking how many interracial-leaning singles ARE racist and get away with saying some offensive things just because they’re dating someone of another race. If one partner holds onto racist attitudes or offensive humor, this can be very upsetting and all the more so if the partner doesn’t discuss it. By all means, talk things over and find out where any racist viewpoints may be coming from, if that ever becomes an issue.

4. Love is easy now that we live in a better world.

No, if anything the greater freedoms we enjoy to date black or white partners is blinding. Now we have the opportunity to foster more relationships built solely on lust that might end badly because of incompatibility. Remember that making a love connection and a long-term relationship has to involve intellectual and emotional connection. It has to be about shared values, shared goals and similar passions in life. Many people have been hurt, indeed marriages have ended, because a relationship was mostly based on sex and not true compatibility.

This just illustrates the importance of filtering out people who are incompatible, even if they are attractive. Differences in sexuality, religion, politics, lifestyle and family can be very difficult to overcome. Make sure you’re not wasting anyone’s time or your own by searching smart. You can use our new interracial dating app, which makes this process easy. Search for the type of person you want and this time, instead of settling for good enough, let’s make a perfect match!