The Dos and the Don’ts of Interracial Relationships


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The number of people getting Interracial relationship is gradually increasing, with the reduction of racism, interracial relationship is slowly on the rise. However, getting into an interracial relationship might seem like fun, but it is not as easy as it may seem, you have to be extra cautious so that you will not offend your spouse without even knowing. Remember that you are dating someone not just with a different race, but also with a different culture, philosophy and view about life. If you are in an interracial relationship or you are about getting into one, this article contains what you should do and what you should avoid.

Do a Through Research About Your Spouses Background and Culture
Whether you are black dating a white, or you are a white dating a black, you need to understand that both of you have different cultures, and different upbringing, this means you will see things from different angles; sometimes, they might be a conflict of interest don’t allow it affect your relationship. That is why you need to do thorough research about your spouse’s background and culture to get a better understanding of your spouse.

Be Supportive
Sometimes our spouse might be racially abused or stereotyped by people around us. Situations like this are when they need us most. We have to stand by them, let them know that you’ve got their backs. The society is still a little bit hostile to people in interracial relationships so you should expect the worst, including verbal abuse, and side comments from your family and friends, this means you have to choose between your family and friends or your spouse. This is an easy pick because your spouse should always come first.

Give Your Spouse Heads up
It is your responsibility to guide your spouse through your relationships before you introduce them to a family or friend who is racist, make sure you inform your spouse ahead, so they can be prepared for what is coming.

Don’t be too uptight when your spouse is curious
If you are in an interracial relationship, except your spouse to ask you offensive and annoying questions. You have to understand that they don’t mean to offend you; they are only curious and want to know more about you. Remember that they love you and want to be more involved in your life and probably place themselves in your shoes. However, if you are not comfortable with their curiosity, speak up, talk to them and give them reasons why you are not pleased.

Be Careful with the Type of Questions that you Ask
Excess inquiries can be annoying, that is why we shouldn’t be asking too many personal questions; we should ask only important questions. Even though relationships require mutual understanding, and we expect our spouses to be understanding about the type of questions that we ask, we should also be careful about the questions that we ask.