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Finding love in the 21st century can feel a bit overwhelming. With so many options, many singles feel like just another username lost in the sea. But for those singles who are looking for interracial romance, there are new options that make finding love easier and faster – all in the palm of your hand. One such mobile app, which caters to black and while singles seeking someone of the opposite race, is BlackWhiteDating.


BlackWhiteDating is a truly one of a kind tinder way dating app because it caters to the specific needs of biracial couples. The app strips away all the flashy features that make other apps difficult to use and gives its members a sophisticated platform for finding love in the digital age. If you are looking for simplicity, convenience and most importantly – results, then BlackWhiteDating might be the right app for you.


Let’s talk features. BlackWhiteDating skips the hard to use features and gives users exactly what they need to maximize their success in finding love. While there are just a handful to enjoy, these are the ones that make this app worthwhile:

1.Ease of Use. This app is available on mobile devices or tablets on the Android and Apple iOS platforms. Through the app, users have access to all of the features of the dating site including the ability to start a profile, upload their favorite pictures, contact other users, and access Spark matching. The mobile app is crisp, clean, and easy to navigate which makes it ideal for users of any age and skill level.

2.Spark. If you are looking for the convenience of fast paced browsing using the iconic swipe right to like and swipe left to pass concept, then this mobile app has what you are looking for. The Spark feature is unique to the mobile app. It allows users to quickly browse potential matches and only view their username, photo, age, and location. If you happen to “like” someone, they will be notified and you can begin contact through the integrated instant messenger.

3.Integrated Messaging: Some mobile dating applications make messaging other users difficult. You either need a special messaging app, a paid membership, or for the other user to “like” you too. These features tend to take away from your ability to find love. BlackWhiteDating has eliminated all of these obstacles with their integrated messenger which allows you to chat in real time or message other users who pique your interest.

4.Notifications. Be in the know about those who are seeking you out with mobile notifications for when users have contacted you and when you have been matched with another user. Best of all, there is not dozens of notification types that you have to choose from. Simply visit your settings section and choose to have notifications on or off for messages and matches.


Most singles want to know one thing when choosing an online dating site – will they find love. The good news is that the BlackWhiteDating mobile app is designed with helping you find love in mind. Not only do they offer a dynamic platform exclusively for biracial couples, but they have a growing membership base in all service areas.

The app itself is quick and simple to download, activate, and use. There are no long form questionnaires to fill out, no lengthy profile parts, and no difficult settings to navigate. Everything is polished and streamlined to make the program user-friendly and help you find love faster than ever. The simplicity of the design is what makes this app so great. It is able to offer users the experience that they want and need in the fast paced modern world without being too complicated to use successfully.


Tired of paying those high monthly membership fees? BlackWhiteDating is 100% free to download and use.


BlackWhiteDating is the premier interracial dating mobile application for biracial love. While it doesn’t carry the big name of some of the leading apps, it does carry a reputation and platform design that meets the needs of its users. If you are someone who wants to actually find love in the digital age, then you cannot go wrong by choosing this app with its sleek design, easy to use platform, and promise of truly finding the love of your life without putting obstacles in your way. BlackWhiteDating is a free dating app available for download in the Android and Apple App Stores.

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