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Editor’s Review Love is truly blind

The concept of interracial dating has really become very common. However, here are always some people who like to see everything with a big frown.

These interracial dating sites seem to be easing up things and making dating easier for people who believe that beauty is skin deep. The sites like the certainly have a great idea and a great way of working. However the real problem here is that the user interface is not very simple, thus the average guys would have a small brain storming session.

The biggest problem that can be found here is that there is nothing much offered for the browned skin people or people from the Asian origin. The searching tool often ends up putting them in the wrong category. This is a real let down. The interracial dating sites source really needs to take this issue seriously.
The site has an overall get up just like a matrimonial site, which is perhaps fine but one would expect that a dating site could be a bit more charming.

One of the major components that add to the credibility of a dating site is that it should have a mode of verification. That is to say that the people running the site need to enquire that the profiles created are genuine. It is commendable that this website is very strict with its password security. However, it is not a substitute to the policy of the verification.

Being a dating site where a White women looking for black men and vice versa, one has to be careful that there is no abuse to the dignity of any person. In such a case there are chances that the lady may fall victim. For this reason the site should have a specialised service that would take serious action and cognizance against any such incidence.

The manner in which the profile is shown looks alright. Nevertheless the real question that an average consumer would wonder is that if all the profiles shown here are genuine or not. Perhaps having a platform to upload pictures would have been helpful to increase the authenticity.


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  1. Jim says:

    Sadly like most things you speak of in this review they took it too far in the other direction. I was a PAYING member of this site. The IP Adress associated with my account was deemed fraudulent. So I had to prove I was real. I did so and paid for my next month. Then come to find out they’d message every lady I’d spoke with that my account was a fraud. Now I’m totally burned on their site.

  2. Anthonyoblit says:

    good web site

  3. Marylynn Traugott says:

    Thanks for finally talking about > What does it really take?

  4. hrShose says:

    Good site

  5. IuqNix says:

    nice site

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