6 signs your interracial lover might be cheating on you



Cheating is one of the worse things one can do to their lover and it can be a trust breaker in an interracial relationship. While some signs of cheating can take a while or difficult to spot from the get go, there are a few that that stand out like a black dot on a white piece of paper. Below are some classic sign to look out for which let you know your lover might be cheating on you.

I.    They are on their phone at odd times: When you partner is on their phone constantly, this is a clear they could be cheating. Going to the bathroom to answer text messages, staying up later than usual and waking up super early just to get on the phone are some of the classic signed your lover is cheating. Texting has made it so easy for people to cheat because it is a great way to communicate with other people and create false intimacy which can lead to real intimacy.

II.    Your lover becomes secretive and changes their passwords: If you used to have the same password on websites, phones, app and you noticed they have been changed, there is a chance your lover is cheating. Technology has made it very easy for people to cheat because just like point above, it does offer text messaging services which do make it easy for your lover to cheat on you with other people.

III.    Your lover changes their taste in music: People do get into different genres of music as they grow but if your lover suddenly changes their taste, there is cause for concern here. A classic sign to look out for is if your lover starting singing along to unusual songs. Of course people can develop lover for music but its best to be alert and find out where this new found love is coming from. It does not only apply to music, it can also apply to films and even books.

IV.    Your lover starts to act a bit different: When you started dating them, your lover had a behavioural pattern all the time from morning all the way to night. When they suddenly break this routine, change cause and pick up new habits here and there, they could be cheating on you. If you usually spend weekends together, they suddenly want to hang out with the “lads” or the “gals” and you are not invited to the party, it could be that they are messing around.

V.    Your lover changes how they look: If you lover suddenly starts dressing different and begin dressing very cute and sassy for the women and looking smart and handsome for the men, chances are they might be cheating. Always be wary of any changes in your lover’s appearances because they could be on the prowl.

VI.    You notice a lot of mood changes: If you see that your lover blows you off for no reason or they do from sweet to angry really quickly, this simply means that they might be looking for an excuse to get away from you. They might pick a fight for no reason so that you get mad, tell them to go away while you blow off some steam, little do you know that they are probably spending time with someone else.

We wish the above interracial dating advice can help you.