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Most Single Black women feel that they are free and have a right to choose their date from their own race or outside their race. Legality of interracial marriages and opportunities available through internet and dating sites has emboldened single black women dating outside their race. Black single women have realized that they are as valuable as women of other races and have recognized the power within them. However it could be seen that most of them are unable to find an African American date as more and more of them have start wooing and dating white women. The other alternate available to them are the white men or men from other races. Though white men willingly date black women, still the percentage of black single women dating is not on the increase even though many of them are more successful and wealthy. The low percentage of successful dating of single black women is attributed to the reason that some of them are argumentative and hard to get along with as a dating partner and later as a life partner. Despite being independent, educated and professing good career, most of them fail to attract the attention of men as most men look for an overall package of a date having those external attractions of good look, personality and attitude.

Although what has been said above is a general observation, we must look for avenues to improve this situation of single black women most of whom are successful in their profession in the business and professional world which is still dominated by men. The whole perception about Black women heading a family projected as mean, argumentative and bossing should have a make over to project as caring, supportive and participative in running the family. Confidence has to be boosted in the minds of single black women dating to encourage them to have quality of life, engage in meaningful relationships with Black or men from other races who have similar dreams in life. The riveted belief in the minds of single black women that staying single is good for them and they need not meet any obligation has to be gradually removed to let them know what they will be missing in life without having a partner and that trying to date a good person with an open mind would fetch them the desired result of happy married life.