Important Rules for White Men Dating Black Women


Every kind of dating has its own rules. Doesn’t matter if this is Russian dating, black dating or Vietnamese dating, each has its own traditions and behaviors you must follow to be successful in love. If you are a white guy who loves black girls and wants to date one, you need to keep in mind that dating her will be different from what you’re used to. Are you ready?

1.Do not be afraid to ask her out

No matter what friends and family will say about it, if you feel like dating a black girl, do it. Listen to your heart and follow your desires. Black ladies prefer to meet with white guys who are self-confident and are not afraid to speak up. If you feel like being this type of man to impress them, ask for a date! She will be in need of a strong and independent guy who can take care of her in any situation possible.

2.Do not give her the impression that she is inferior

Never make her feel that you are hanging out with her because it’s a kind of “favor” and no one else would be interested in her because of her skin color. This is very racist behavior, but unfortunately, some white guys have a tendency to show it in front of their partners. Acting like you are “too cool” for black girls and that you are doing this because of pity is incredibly insulting. What’s the point of a relationship like that?

3. Appreciate her Sexuality

African ladies are well known not only for their chocolate skin tone but for their sexy curves too. What might considered a fat body shape in the USA, is often considered to be beautiful and sexually attractive in Africa. You cannot force your partner to lose weight or tone down her curves. Let her feel comfortable in her own skin and she will make you happy. Don’t listen to the mainstream media telling you that only slim girls can be attractive. In Africa, the girls with the biggest hips are considered to be the best candidates for wives and mothers. If she is scared that you won’t like her body, be the one who to undress her first while telling her that she’s beautiful. This is not only romantic, but it will boost her self-esteem and allow her to express her sexuality with you.

4. Be thoughtful

Show consideration and care for her feelings and be genuine. Be sure to show her that you fully understand what she needs, how it feels to live in another country (if she is originally from Africa) and that you are the one who she can trust. Giving your helpful hand will be fully appreciated. If you have no idea how to relate to your black lady, just think how you would feel in her place. This will allow you to better empathize with her.

While it can be magical dating a black women, there will be unique challenges and obstacles in your relationship, especially if she is originally from Africa and you have different native tongues and cultural backgrounds. Don’t let these roadblocks discourage you though. True love blooms through all adversity.