Tips for Interracial Couples to Stay Together Long Term


Finding someone who you want to have a long term future with is both scary and exciting. There are bound to be endless challenges and many compromises. This is true in any relationship. However, when the relationship is interracial, there are many more things to be mindful of.

Having a long term future in an interracial relationship is completely possible. It has been done by many before and can undoubtedly be done by you. Here are some tips to you help you find the right pathway to long term happiness in your interracial relationship.

Remain open minded

Even after you’ve had all the big talks about your different racial backgrounds and your ethnic identity, you still need to remain open minded. The longer you stay together, the more insight you’re going to get into each other’s cultural practices. This means that new issues may arise along the way. You always need to embrace these with an open mind.

Never stop learning

You have the unique chance to learn from someone you care about. This can be in regards to culture, language, and patience with society. As you and your partner continue on your pathway in your relationship, never stop learning from one another. Take the time to appreciate the lessons they can teach you and continue being happy to learn from this great source.

Keep being aware of society

It is important to understand the society you are living in. Although society shouldn’t be allowed to judge your relationship, it will. Understanding societal context can help you and your partner combat the ignorant comments and racial misjudgments. Doing this together will help keep you strong and bonded.

Talk about the future

If you’re in it for the long term, you need to broach the subject of the future. This often means marriage and kids. In terms of marriage, talk about what kind of ceremony you want and how you will incorporate both cultures. Discuss how a wedding will affect your wider families and what weddings and marriage mean in each of your cultures. Talking about kids is also important. Yes, you are going to have adorable mixed race babies. But how is culture going to affect their lives. What emphasis will you put on ethnic identity? Will you actively raise them in both cultures? These conversations may seem intimidating, but they need to happen for a long term mixed race relationships.

Accept each other’s families

Whatever the family dynamics are, you and your partner need to accept each other’s. This means embracing cultural celebrations with the family. If there’s a language barrier, it means working past this and finding a means of communication. Learning to enjoy the company of your partner’s family, and vice versa, is incredibly important in having a future together. You don’t want family to become a source of angst in your long term future together, so it is better to accept them early on in the game.