Why most singles have poor interracial dating success


interracial dating

There is nothing wrong in being single, it is not like you are doing anything wrong. However if you feel like you need someone, there are several things that you must know enforce jumping into interracial relationships. Interracial dating is intrinsically personal in nature and boils down to individual preference. Due to cultural, social, political or economic factors singles bound to run into some dating bumps at some point. Here are some reasons interracial relationships hit bumps  along the road:

1.   Learning to manage expectations from your partner
For most folks there is an ideal partner we conjure in our mind before we start dating. We set standards, certain demand and preferences that our date/partner should match up to. This is a very good approach and helps to filter through connections that may not be compatible.

However it is important to understand that it is not possible for any human being to meet all of those demands.  We cannot expect  our partners to be perfect superhereos that tick each relationship checkbox.

2. Mistakes on dating Apps and sites
Online dating offers a great way for singles to find their preferred partner. What you put on your profile is important as it is acts as your representative. A great profile will increase your chances of  getting a match.  Always upload a recent picture, preferably showing your good side, a smile doesn’t not hurt (although it is not a must). Fill in your interests and hobbies honestly and make sure you log in frequently.

3. Working on your differences not similarities
It is always helpful in an interracial relationship to highlight and work on your similarities not your differences. After some time together interracial couples may feel the cultural or racial differences getting in the way of their relationship.
Each individual has their own values, history and experiences. Relationships only work when both parties understand and accept each other for what they are. When one partner places focus on the negative side of their partner, disillusionment and resentment quickly follow.
Cultural differences should be used as a tool to bring interracial couple together. Make time for activities that you mutually enjoy. If both of you enjoy riding bikes, swimming, or simply chilling at home over a movie, spend more doing that.

4. Going on about your ex
Having a past is not a bad thing in itself,  everyone deserves a chance at happiness. Past relationships are meant to make us stronger and wiser as we try and find a partner that will suit your taste. Being too hung up about your ex can be distracting and make you miss a chance a true love especially when it comes to interracial relationships. Constantly comparing your partner to your ex  will always lead to disappointments as no two people are alike. Don’t ruin your dating experience by asking too much about your partners past either. Let them share whatever they feel comfortable with.