Dating Choices and Challenges for Large Black Women

In the past, most dating problems could be attributed to being too picky about your partner. Things have drastically changed with online dating however and now the problem has much more to do with the overwhelming amount of choices you do have. How can you be expected to choose a partner when there are so many suitable candidates?

Online dating is a great way to meet people, but it’s not without its own unique challenges. Online dating gives all people a chance to meet potential partners, friends and casual flings. Whatever you’re looking for and whoever you are, online dating can help you. Thick black women face their own challenges online, but the benefits definitely outweigh the negatives. While it can be hard to know if a potential date is into the thick look, online they’ll let you know right away that they like what you have. This is one of the reasons why many thick women have chosen online dating as their primary means of getting dates.
Even so, there are factors that could be difficult to deal with online, like the following:

Everybody gets rejected in life, so this shouldn’t be such a big deal. Yet, nobody likes the sting of rejection. If a man lets you know that he’s not interested, take it in stride and comfort yourself by knowing that there are many men who would be more than willing to date you. Provided that the rejection was polite, there’s no need to feel angry or upset. Instead, be thankful that he let you know it won’t work before you wasted your time.

·Creating your profile
After getting rejected, you might think it has to do with your appearance, but this isn’t always the case. If your profile isn’t well written, it could be lessening your chances of getting a date. Make sure it is articulate, to the point and cheerful. Don’t make self-deprecating jokes (this comes off as insecurity) and do not boast (who wants to date an egomaniac?). Striking the balance between being confident and being humble is crucial for a great dating profile.


All people have the potential to be harassed online, but certain factors like being a woman, black and plus-sized will drastically increase the likelihood. It can be disheartening when you receive insults and sometimes even threats from men online, but remember that they are doing this for a reaction.

Don’t engage them and they’ll most likely start to leave you alone. What you can do is block them and report them to the administrators of online plus size dating sites. By not receiving a response and being removed from the website, the harassers aren’t getting the attention that they wanted and they won’t bother you again in the future.

It seems unfair that thick black women have to deal with racism, sexism and fatphobia in today’s modern age, but the reality is that bullies will always target those who they think are easy targets. By showing that you couldn’t care enough to respond to their baiting, you’re also showing them that you and other women like you are no longer easy targets.

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