Important Rules for White Men Dating Black Women


Every kind of dating has its own rules. Doesn’t matter if this is Russian dating, black dating or Vietnamese dating, each has its own traditions and behaviors you must follow to be successful in love. If you are a white guy who loves black girls and wants to date one, you need to keep in mind that dating her will be different from what you’re used to. Are you ready?

1.Do not be afraid to ask her out

No matter what friends and family will say about it, if you feel like dating a black girl, do it. Listen to your heart and follow your desires. Black ladies prefer to meet with white guys who are self-confident and are not afraid to speak up. If you feel like being this type of man to impress them, ask for a date! She will be in need of a strong and independent guy who can take care of her in any situation possible.

2.Do not give her the impression that she is inferior

Never make her feel that you are hanging out with her because it’s a kind of “favor” and no one else would be interested in her because of her skin color. This is very racist behavior, but unfortunately, some white guys have a tendency to show it in front of their partners. Acting like you are “too cool” for black girls and that you are doing this because of pity is incredibly insulting. What’s the point of a relationship like that?

3. Appreciate her Sexuality

African ladies are well known not only for their chocolate skin tone but for their sexy curves too. What might considered a fat body shape in the USA, is often considered to be beautiful and sexually attractive in Africa. You cannot force your partner to lose weight or tone down her curves. Let her feel comfortable in her own skin and she will make you happy. Don’t listen to the mainstream media telling you that only slim girls can be attractive. In Africa, the girls with the biggest hips are considered to be the best candidates for wives and mothers. If she is scared that you won’t like her body, be the one who to undress her first while telling her that she’s beautiful. This is not only romantic, but it will boost her self-esteem and allow her to express her sexuality with you.

4. Be thoughtful

Show consideration and care for her feelings and be genuine. Be sure to show her that you fully understand what she needs, how it feels to live in another country (if she is originally from Africa) and that you are the one who she can trust. Giving your helpful hand will be fully appreciated. If you have no idea how to relate to your black lady, just think how you would feel in her place. This will allow you to better empathize with her.

While it can be magical dating a black women, there will be unique challenges and obstacles in your relationship, especially if she is originally from Africa and you have different native tongues and cultural backgrounds. Don’t let these roadblocks discourage you though. True love blooms through all adversity.


Advice on How to Date a Black or White Partner

If you are interested in a black and white interracial relationship, then you have greater opportunity now than there has ever been.  It’s always a thrill finding someone you’re compatible with and whom you are deeply attracted to.  It certainly makes dating easier, falling in love easier, and yes, it even makes long-term commitment seem like a honeymoon.  When you’re in love time passes by quickly!

You may find, however, that some social elements are challenging as you progress onward in the relationship.  There are many people that don’t seem to understand that even though people are generally accepting, there are still subtle problems with stereotyping and using offensive clichés or expressions.

Don’t Be Shocked To Learn That Racism Still Exists

Of course, racism isn’t as overt as it used to be.  Still, there is a widespread problem with stereotyping, making offensive observations or jokes, and sometimes just insulting a person’s culture or race out of ignorance.

Yes, ignorance is usually the key term.  Despite what some people in the hysterical media claim, not everyone who is ignorant and who believes stereotypes is a racist.  Some are, but many aren’t.  They simply need to be educated as to why their statements can be misconstrued as offensive or why they’re inaccurate.

If the family of the person you’re dating doesn’t have many black friends, these miscommunications occur frequently.  However, their ignorance of black culture, racial inequality, and complex political situations doesn’t necessarily mean they’re racist and implying such will probably make the family feel defensive.  That will lead to awkward tension and the problems will only increase.

Subtle Warning Signs from Your Date

It’s true sometimes your partners, who do like you, can exhibit some surprising ignorance about black culture and racial injustice.  Now some of your own family and friends may tell you that if the person you’re dating believes that racism and stereotypes aren’t that important of an issue, you should end the relationship.  This is considered “white privilege” to some and it does anger a lot of people.

However, this is really your decision to make.  No one can tell you what you should do.  All that you have to decide is whether you are interested in your partner and can learn to get along with them over time.  Remember, some people just need to be taught how subtle attitudes of racism can hurt people’s feelings.  If you’re patient, you may be able to live with such a person.

On the other hand, if you feel that your partner intentionally provokes you, and makes racist statements just to get on your nerves, you may think twice about whether this person is long-term dating material or not.

Yes, some people you meet in dating do like to tell offensive jokes or maybe even start an argument just to have some “angry loving” later on.  It may be fun in the short-term, but a good marriage is usually not based on such ferocious emotions and conflict.

Ask for the advice of your loved ones and the friends you know are educated and aware of the many differences between ethnicities and cultures.  You may learn something valuable and build an interracial relationship to last.


Why do some older white guys prefer young black women?

White men have been dating black women for many decades now, but recently, there is a new trend that has grabbed the attention of the public. Namely, according to some surveys, there are a growing number of white older guys dating or interested in young black women. Age gap dating is nothing new, but have you ever wondered why some white older guys prefer black young women?

First of all, many of them simply love their attractive dark skin complexion. One of the first things that people notice in other people when they meet them for the first time is their physical appearance. Well, for many older white guys, smooth dark skin is something that they find very attractive. This makes women look healthy and needless to say this is especially true for black young women.

Furthermore, many white older guys will accept age gap dating with a black young woman because they like their attitude. This is what makes the relationship a little bit spiced up. They know that black girls are committed to their partners and that when they are sure that they have found the right men, they take this relationship seriously.

A huge number of white older guys say that they really like the curvaceous bodies of black young women – especially their attractive bottoms. They have interesting hips and rounded backsides that makes them more attractive than other women. Truth be told, not all black women are like that, but many have bodies that can’t be found in other races.

Black young women are known for their principles and they don’t allow any person to disrespect them or their partner. It is always a nice change to have someone stand up for you from time to time, and white older guys know that. They certainly want their partner to protect them, but they are not afraid to provide protection when needed.

According to some white older guys who have been dating black young women for a while, it doesn’t take much to please a black woman. Just like most women out there, regardless of their race or ethnicity, they just want to feel real love and they need to be nurtured and appreciated. This doesn’t mean that they want you to pop the big question right away, they just need proof that you care.

Although this may not sound like a very important reason, it is true that many white older men know that black women know a lot about alternative medicine. They can find a home remedy for almost any illness and what is even more important, they will do their best to help their man get back on his feet as fast as possible.

Age gap dating should not prevent white older guys from dating black young women because as you can see there are many different things that make these two groups of people compatible for each other.



The Pros and Cons of Interracial Dating

Of course, we all believe in equality. Interracial dating is, quite frankly, the reason we are all here today. We are merely the offspring of many interracial and multi-ethnic peoples mating and continuing the species. Dating a person of a different race actually helps with genetic diversity and is only helping to prolong and improve the human gene pool.

That said, not every person is up for the challenge of dating someone from another culture or even another color. Sometimes a person is just not attracted and so it’s a matter of preference.

Sometimes, however, a partner might decide that although interracial dating was fun, a long-term commitment might be too challenging. You might call these issues the “cons” of dating someone from another race. It doesn’t make it right and it’s certainly not kind, but it’s a cruel truth of this world.


You may have relatives, friends or work acquaintances that disapprove of the relationship. This can lead to turmoil and emotional pain. Even if you decide to keep seeing your partner, you may have to contend with family divisions. You may also have to deal with occasional funny looks from stranger or mean-spirited humor coming from friends and work colleagues. It’s something you might want to prepare yourself for, so that you won’t be caught off guard if you hear someone making a racist statement or using a hurtful stereotype.


The pros however, far outweigh the cons in most cases. Dating outside of your race exposes you to new culture, lifestyles, rituals and maybe even recipes that you will love. Dating a person of another race lets you learn and feel connected with someone you’re strongly attracted to.

If there are any friends or family members who have a problem, consider this an opportunity to enlighten them and show them that there’s nothing to be afraid of.

The good news is that although racism is still prevalent today, it’s not as widespread as it was in and before the 1960s. Racists usually keep quiet since they are the minority now. Most surveys of millennials, baby boomers and generation x-ers agree that most people today are perfectly fine with interracial dating.

It’s also easier than ever before to meet someone in your preferred race category. Using black women white men dating sites or apps, you can meet people in your area who have been prescreened to enjoy interracial dating.

This is a more productive way of mingling with other singles. If you go to a bar or go through a mainstream dating site you might, unfortunately, find people that do not date people outside of their race.

Some of these insensitive types will say so on their profiles, whereas others will “friend-zone” you quickly because of their own shortsightedness.

No matter. With a modern dating app, you can do a targeted search of people who are interested in dating people of any race (or your race specifically) and do want to meet you. That will make your first date together so much more exciting!



Things to Remember when Dating outside your Race

When you start up a new relationship, there are many feelings to process. From excitement to anxiety, to ultimate happiness to nervousness, the beginning phases of a relationship are a time worth remembering. Whoever you are dating, there are going to be certain things you need to keep in your mind. When two people come together from different walks of life, patience and compromise are required to make sure you can invest in a happy future together. This is particularly true when it comes to dating someone from a different racial or ethnic background than you.

Dating outside your race brings with it cultural interest and potential for learning moments with someone you deeply care about. Interracial dating is much more socially acceptable now and less frowned upon. However, as with any relationship, you need to remain sensitive and understanding to your partner.

To give you guidance and support in your interracial relationship, bear in mind some of the following tips.

Race does make a difference

The difference that race makes isn’t necessarily a bad one. Societal judgement and stereotypes can make dating outside your race seem like a bad thing. While there will be cultural differences, there is nothing wrong with this. In fact, interracial dating can become much more about sharing values, customs, and histories of your own race. Learning from your partner is a beautiful bonding experience.

There may be societal judgements

The truth is that we live in a socially judgmental world. While the world is much more of a melting pot today than it was in the past, there are still misconceptions about dating outside your race. Just bear in the mind that most of the negative judgement will come from older generations. Different generations have different expectations about relationships and dating. There may be some disapproval in your family even. Nonetheless, it is important to have confidence in your relationship around your family and in wider society.

Meeting the family is inevitably more complicated

There is always pressure when meeting your partner’s family under any circumstances. When you have to take into account the fact that your partner’s parents may speak a different language, have very different social outlooks, and have different religious practices than you, it can be even more intimidating. It is important to always be respectful when meeting your partner’s parents. Talk with your partner before the event occurs and make sure you know certain topics to steer away from. Respect and politeness is the ultimate goal in this scenario.

Prepare for some stupid questions

Once again, society has a strange perspective on interracial dating. This may lead to certain people asking ignorant and plain dumb questions. Even some of your friends may ask things that are essentially irrelevant. Some of these questions may include: what do you think your children will look like; what do your parents think; isn’t it easier to date within your race. Whatever the question is, just remember that your happiness is the answer in the end. If someone makes you happy, nothing should stand in the way of being together. Especially societal ignorance!


Tips for Interracial Couples to Stay Together Long Term

Finding someone who you want to have a long term future with is both scary and exciting. There are bound to be endless challenges and many compromises. This is true in any relationship. However, when the relationship is interracial, there are many more things to be mindful of.

Having a long term future in an interracial relationship is completely possible. It has been done by many before and can undoubtedly be done by you. Here are some tips to you help you find the right pathway to long term happiness in your interracial relationship.

Remain open minded

Even after you’ve had all the big talks about your different racial backgrounds and your ethnic identity, you still need to remain open minded. The longer you stay together, the more insight you’re going to get into each other’s cultural practices. This means that new issues may arise along the way. You always need to embrace these with an open mind.

Never stop learning

You have the unique chance to learn from someone you care about. This can be in regards to culture, language, and patience with society. As you and your partner continue on your pathway in your relationship, never stop learning from one another. Take the time to appreciate the lessons they can teach you and continue being happy to learn from this great source.

Keep being aware of society

It is important to understand the society you are living in. Although society shouldn’t be allowed to judge your relationship, it will. Understanding societal context can help you and your partner combat the ignorant comments and racial misjudgments. Doing this together will help keep you strong and bonded.

Talk about the future

If you’re in it for the long term, you need to broach the subject of the future. This often means marriage and kids. In terms of marriage, talk about what kind of ceremony you want and how you will incorporate both cultures. Discuss how a wedding will affect your wider families and what weddings and marriage mean in each of your cultures. Talking about kids is also important. Yes, you are going to have adorable mixed race babies. But how is culture going to affect their lives. What emphasis will you put on ethnic identity? Will you actively raise them in both cultures? These conversations may seem intimidating, but they need to happen for a long term mixed race relationships.

Accept each other’s families

Whatever the family dynamics are, you and your partner need to accept each other’s. This means embracing cultural celebrations with the family. If there’s a language barrier, it means working past this and finding a means of communication. Learning to enjoy the company of your partner’s family, and vice versa, is incredibly important in having a future together. You don’t want family to become a source of angst in your long term future together, so it is better to accept them early on in the game.



5 Inexpensive Interracial Date Ideas

black women white men dating

Sometimes you will find that selecting the venue of the date is more difficult than choosing the person you want to date. It is not easy to find great date ideas, particularly when the relationship is just in its budding stage.

This is the stage where every little thing you do is seemingly fraught with meaning. And when you consider the few hours you are going to spend together, it becomes even more important to make it worthwhile, but at the same time not put a big hole in your pocket.

But do not be under the impression that this happens only because of the racial differences between you and your date. This is a universal phenomenon and you have to just use some smart thinking.

Because interracial dating is still not accepted by all and there is high level of sensitivity, finding inexpensive yet effective dating ideas can be quite overwhelming. But don’t worry; we have just the right inexpensive ideas for you to try out.

Idea #1 Nature to the rescue
Nothing can beat the leisurely stroll you take on a beach or in a park. Natural sceneries are best as they are ever changing and keep the interest quotient high. You can talk about anything and everything under the sun this way and still not make it sound dull or boring.

And the best part is you need not spend even a cent on taking your date to these spots. These are also the most romanticized and favored places for lovers.

Idea #2 Sports activities
If you love sports activities, which are shared by your date too, you can use it as a date idea. Sports make you get all excited and exhilarated. Choose any of the activities like badminton, table tennis, etc. and remember to accept defeat gracefully. This will certainly score points for you on the dating front.

Idea #3 Swim for love
Swimming is a smashing dating idea. You can make it inexpensive by choosing a local club and you can also check out if your date looks good in swimwear! And if you are really adventurous, you can even try skinny dipping!

Idea #4Go on a picnic
This is the evergreen dating idea that works for all ages and generations. Pick out a nice, cozy, picturesque spot and plan a sumptuous lunch or brunch. With everything in place you can be sure of it being a big hit.

Idea #5 A long drive
Taking a long drive passing through scenic spots is a good and cheap date idea. You will not be disturbed by anyone and it will be just the two of you holding hands, talking or whatever that you like doing while driving. Of course, this will cost you fuel, but it will be worth it!

Going on a date is all about getting to know about the mutual things you share. You will be able to get an impression of who the person really is. And since this is not possible with a couple of dates, you need to go on more dates, which mean more money to spend which you unfortunately do not have. But with the above ideas of black women white men dating, you can manage to make the date a special one and not spend much.



Black Women Dating White Men – Is it a Fad Or is This Mixed up Trend Here to Stay?

Interracial couple sharing a phone in a train station while wait under an umbrella in a rainy day

Interracial dating has been a taboo subject in the past, even more so if it involves black women dating white men. Many of these interracial couples are often stigmatized and not generally accepted in society. However, with the rising popularity of movies which feature black women dating white men such as ‘Lakeview Terrace’, ‘Something New’, ‘Guess Who’ and many others, there has been increased acceptance for these couples in mainstream media. Despite a few people being bothered by black-white dating, people are increasingly changing their attitude and becoming more open-minded towards these interracial relationships.

So far, one of the most prevalent challenges a black woman faces while dating a white man is the cultural difference between the two races. In fact, it is not uncommon for the couple to be faced with vehement societal pressure and many deep-rooted prejudices. More often, the greatest opposition is bound to come from the couple’s family members and even close friends. In such cases, the family tends to openly oppose the interracial relationship since they fear that it will paint a negative image of the family in society. Many families are afraid of being judged by friends and extended family members when one of their children dates a person who is black. They also fret about their grand children being mixed race.  All these concerns are common and will probably be mentioned by the family of someone involved in an interracial relationship.

What about the societal pressure that comes from the black community when their daughter is dating a white man? The black woman will be judged as being a traitor and a “sell-out” who has abandoned her brothers. While men from the same community abandon the black women to date women from other races, it is ironic that the women involved in interracial dating in the same community will be ostracized. It is usually a common expectation that the black women dating white men should have waited for black men to return to them and be satisfied with being their partners instead of moving ahead to expanding their love options and entering into an interracial relationship. This double standard is completely unfair, since black men are known to openly state that they only date white women.

While it is true to note that many interracial relationships are faced with some trials and tribulations, there are quite a number of them that have successfully carried on with their relationship and are happily married. For such couples, they opted to ignore the external pressures and instead, move ahead to discover the many amazing benefits that came from learning, accepting each other’s culture and subsequently choosing to live a happy life together.

Interracial dating sites have been one of the major contributors of successful black women-white men relationships. With a plethora of dating sites created with the sole aim of connecting black women who want to date white men with white men who want to date black women, couples can link-up via the internet and successfully be able to establish a relationship. Today, interracial couples are connecting from all over the globe 24/7 and finding the partner of their dreams.


How Common Interracial Relationships Have Become in the United States

These days one can easily notice the rate at which interracial dating has skyrocketed especially in the United States. Often times, you see one or two interracial couples with their cute kids taking a stroll and you think,” Wow! So we’ve come this far?”

The contrast between the strict laws and discrimination of the past and the interracial lovers of the present is one that is encouraging and shows that we’ve moved past a horrible time in human history.

Interracial Dating in the US According to Stats

Statistics is a very handy tool when it comes to situation like this so we’ll be pulling up some very vital stats in regards to interracial dating and its evolution. First of all, it’s important to note that Interracial Dating in the U.S. was given the nod about 49 years ago and ever since, the public’s tolerance of marriages between people from different races has been on the increase.

In 1959, only 4% of Americans approved of interracial marriage but in 1971 after the government had given the green light on interracial marriage, the amount increased considerably to 29%. In 1985 the amount increased once again to 43% and continued to grow. Just recently in 2008, it became 77% and in 2013, 87%. Today, a staggering 87% of Americans approve of marriages between Blacks and Whites (According to Gallup), compared to the meagre 4% in 1959.

It is a great thing that Americans are now legally permitted to date or marry whoever they want to but the question is how many really go ahead with the marriage? According to different statistics taken by the United States Census Bureau in 2010, the amount of interracial couples in the U.S. rose from:

310,000 to 651,000 between 1970 and 1980 accounting for 1.3% increase in the total number of married couples,

651,000 to 964,000 between 1980 and 1990 accounting for 1.8% increase,

964,000 to 1,464,000 between 1990 and 2000 accounting for 2.6% increase, and

1,464,000 to 2,340,000 between 2000 and 2010 accounting for 3.9% increase.

From the statistics above, it can be clearly seen that interracial marriage in the U.S. gradually rose from 1.3% to 3.9% between 1970 and 2010. Out of the total interracially married couples in 2010, white men marrying black women is at 0.3% and black men marrying white women is at 8.6%.

One can easily see from the detailed statistics above that the reasoning of Americans in regard to interracial marriages has greatly changed but the rate at which the actual marriages occur is still rising. However, this census was taken in 2010 and happens to be the most recent available. Six year have passed and in addition to the several interracial dating sites on the internet these days, it is safe to conclude that the numbers will definitely take a giant leap when the next census comes up.


6 things you should not do when you are seeking a black partner

Interracial dating can be a magical experience, but there are some lines that should never be crossed. This is especially true if you’re looking to date a black man or woman. While you should never feel like you’re constantly walking on eggshells when you’re in a relationship, there are certain topics and behaviors that are best avoided, especially at the start of your relationship. The following list will hopefully help you be a better partner to your black love interest.

  1. Talking about your races

This is something best avoided during the early stages and should only be discussed if your black partner starts the conversation. Conversing with a partner who you’ve been with for a while about this is fine, but it should never ever be a topic of discussion when meeting or visiting their family. You might think it will show how non-racist you are by mentioning it, but it’s more likely to offend.

  1. Stick to your native languages

Unless you were raised in the same area and speak the same languages, don’t try to strike up a conversation with someone in their native tongue if you aren’t a native speaker. At best, it can come off as being a bit clueless and condescending and at worst they might think that you are ridiculing them. Either way, avoid it for the first few dates.

  1. Try to avoid talking about cultural differences

This one is tricky. If you’ve been with your black partner for a while, you’ll have to partake in some of these cultural traditions sooner or later. By that point in time though, your relationship and mutual respect will be strong enough to withstand potential conflict.

At the beginning of the relationship or during the courting process, it’s a topic best avoided. Talking about cultural differences usually leads to arguments about whose culture does things better. Remember that there is no ‘better’ culture, only different cultures.

  1. Avoid taking them to events that you know they’ll dislike

This depends on who you are. Taking the extreme example, let’s assume you’re a redneck from a notoriously white and racist small town that regularly has square dancing events. Not only will your black partner not fit in at all, but they will most likely face harassment. You’ll struggle to find a black man or woman that enjoys square dancing too.

  1. Don’t marry before meeting each other’s families

Many people with black partners often get married before telling their parents that their partners are black. You might be scared of their reactions and this is fine, but they will definitely not be willing to accept your partner if you don’t include them in your wedding. Introduce your partner to your parents first and then let them decide whether or not they want to be a part of your lives. You’d be surprised to find how quickly prejudice fades away once they get to know your partner.

  1. Don’t be sensitive

You might think you’ve been discriminated against in the past, but you’ll be facing a lot more discrimination when you’re with your black partner. Be prepared for stares and rude comments, but don’t reply to them or let them affect you. Having a thick skin is crucial in an interracial relationship.